Those members of the Warrnambool club who have provided outstanding service to the club over an extended period of time are recognised by being made life members of the club. As of 2015 the club’s life members, and the years they became life members, are listed below:

Alma Coleman* (1996)

Roy Coleman*(1996)

Elsie Dicks*(1996)

Ron Lovell*(1996)

Dave Harper*(1996)

Ivy Harper*(1996)

Bill Rodgers* (1996)

Phyll Rodgers*(1996)

Doris Sizeland*(1996)

Lorna Lewis* (2005)

Diana Brown (2006)

Allan White* (2007)

Alan Altmann (2007)

Kay keen (2012)

John Honan (2015)

Janice Fisher (2015)

An * indicates that the life member has ‘passed on’.

From L to R,    Life members  Ron Lovell, Roy Coleman, Alma Coleman,Doris Sizeland, Ivy Harper, Dave Harper (photo taken in 1997)

Bill Rodgers

Diana Brown

Lorna Lewis

Alan Altmann

Allan White

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For a more detailed description of the life of Allan White, follow this link

DORIS SIZELAND:  (30/10/1915 - 1/2/2011)

The club lost a founding member in 2011 when Doris passed away at the age of 95. She was a member for 43 years. In 1997 Doris was made a life member in recognition of her contributions to the club. Doris was club President from 1974 to 1977 inclusive and Treasurer in 1979.

Doris and her husband John were present at the meeting called to form the club in 1968. They were amongst the founding members of the club. Doris and John travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand collecting gems and minerals. In later years she collected many minerals by swapping with other collectors in Australia and the U.S.A., many of whom she remained in contact with until recently.

Doris built a collection in which she took great pride. She was happy to show her collection to members and visitors and inspired a number of members to become collectors themselves.

Doris continued to attend club meetings, shows and the end of year BBQ until recently; maintaining a solid interest in the club’s progress. (Feb. 2011)

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John Sizeland

Doris Sizeland

Kay Keen

John Honan

Janice Fisher