The sites listed below are some of the many sites available on the internet.

The first group of sites are general interest sites which will help you find information about lapidary groups/clubs/minerals.

Victorian Gem Clubs Association

This is the home page of the new Victorian Gem Clubs Association (V.G.C.A) website.



This site is 'Bobs Rock shop' in the U.S.A. It is a good source of general information and has links to many lapidary groups in the U.S.


This is the Australian facetors guild site, which has information of interest to facetors and useful links for fossickers. Information on gem clubs throughout Australia can be found at this web site.


This is the link page for the Mineralogical Record, an American mineral publication. This page is well worth a visit as it links to many interesting mineral sites, albeit that many of them are commercial in nature.


The Gemological Institute of America web site.


The home page for the mineralogical societies of Australia

Gem fossicking Australia (including Geelong Gem Club)

This site has information on fossicking locations around Australia plus information on gemstones and jewellery.

Lapidary World

Lapidary World has extensive information on fossicking, lapidary equipment etc. It has information on commercial equipment, links to clubs, a buy/swap/sell page and lots of other information. Worth a look.

Cheong Park Gem & Mineral Club

The Cheong Park club website provides a good example of how Victorian club are progressing today.


This website provides extensive information on minerals and is well worth visiting to improve your knowledge of the mineral world.

Burnie District Gemstone Club

This site provides information about the Burnie Gem Club. As of January 2015 I could not find a page for the Tasmanian Lapidary and Mineral Association.

Geoscience Australia

This site is located on the Google Arts and Culture website and contains photos and information on a wide range of (predominately) Australian gems and minerals. Worth a look.

American Museum of Natural History

This site has a lot of information which can easily be found using the search function. Gemstones, fossils and other topics are well covered.

Official Facetron Videos

This is a must visit site for users of Facetron faceting machines. I had my machine for over 30 years before finding this site. I learnt several good ideas by going through the videos. Have a note pad with you while  viewing the site so you remember the points made. Some of the videos are a bit repetitive but persevere and you will be rewarded.

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The following sites are commercial sites and are just provided for general information. Their inclusion on this site should not be taken as a recommendation by the author of this site.


This site is a commercial site but has a lot of useful information in it, especially for ‘kids’ (both young and old). A good rundown on minerals and gemstones with plenty of useful links. Site suggested by ‘Brooke and her Junior Scouts’


Shelley's lapidary supplies are located in Adelaide in S.A. and are a general supplier of lapidary equipment.


A & E METAL MERCHANTS are suppliers of silver and gold wire, including wire suitable for wire wrapping.


Gemcuts lapidary supplies are located in N.S.W. and supply diamond saw blades, grinding wheels, carving burrs etc.


A supplier of a wide range of lapidary equipment, faceting machines, saws, blades, grinding wheels etc. Located in Glen Innes in N.S.W.


Koodak Jewellery Supplies in Melbourne, Victoria stock a wide range of jewellery items including bell caps and chains.

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